Automate, secure and connect your buildings.

At Nuagesight, we are passionate about the people and buildings of our community. We take pride in helping to keep them safe, secure and connected by offering a range of services aimed at improving efficiency and modernizing their infrastructure.

More About Physical Security

Physical security solutions are a vital part of the protection of your building and its people. From CCTV systems to access control, we have a range of options for you to choose from. We work hard to ensure that we protect your property by offering solutions that will exceed your expectations and help you and your tenants sleep at night.

Several CCTV cameras displayed on pedastals of varying heights


Our CCTV solutions are designed to meet the needs of any building. We can provide simple fixed cameras, dome network cameras and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras as well as thermal cameras and remote access systems.

Person uses their fingers to input the code on the keypad of a home alarm system.

Alarms & Video Monitoring

Our state of the art alarms and monitoring systems provides buildings with full features to make your space feel as safe as possible.

A female's arm holding a phone as is passes over a scanner at some sort of access control popint.

Access Control

Traditional Access Control Solutions are often costly, complicated and unreliable. Nuagesight provides IP based Access Control that is scalable, easily integrated and cost-effective.

Close up view of a modern intercom system next to a dining room; complete with video display and touch buttons.


Stay in touch with what's going on. Intercoms can extend your existing voice and security systems to reach every floor of your building.

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